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 Isla de la Muerta (is CRAP!)

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PostSubject: Isla de la Muerta (is CRAP!)   Tue May 17, 2011 2:36 pm

Set Review: 4181

Isla de la Muerta

As I've siad before I'm not big on set reviews but this was a must:

Price: CAD 24.99
Pieces: 152

Actual Image

Johnny Depp Minifigure.

Everything! Note the fact the chrome gold pieces as shown on the box ARE NOT CHROME! Lego is getting some hate mail today! Mad

Don't buy it. It's crap.

Letter sent by Rook to Lego.com/customer service:

Quote :
Set: #4181 Isla de la Muerta

The fact that the chrome gold pieces, as shown on the box, ARE NOT CHROME! Lego has scammed me! This is FALSE ADVERTISING and must be rectified! Your product DOES NOT match what was shown and therefore why I decided to purchase this product! I bought it solely for the new chrome gold bars pieces and when I opened my box what did I find. Non-Chrome pieces! And the gold chrome coins were of course also not chrome.

This product is a hoax! A lie! A falsehood! Lego must recall, replacement, or other wise notify and rectify this to all customers. Lego should be willing to fix this by: customers may get their money back at store purchased with receipt (if not Lego Store or S@H) even if box is open and half the pieces are missing, a credit to their VIP account for the full value of the set if purchased at Lego Store or S@H, or if customer emails Lego's customer service /complaints or missing pieces and asks for the proper parts that are shown to be chrome on the box, to be shipped to them free of cost.

I’ve seen slight box errors like this in the past. I understand products and factory procedures change, but to introduce a new piece (the gold bar brick) and then to have it not be what it appears to be is simply robbery to the fan community. You literally suckered me into buying this based solely on a single new type and color of piece that is NOT in this product.

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PostSubject: Re: Isla de la Muerta (is CRAP!)   Wed May 18, 2011 2:03 pm

That IS surprising. I've always know Lego has high prices, but they've never lied like this before Shocked !

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Isla de la Muerta (is CRAP!)
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