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 Chat Box Rules; Buying/Selling Rules

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The Sith Lord
The Sith Lord

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PostSubject: Chat Box Rules; Buying/Selling Rules   Mon Dec 07, 2009 4:15 pm

Chat Box/Chatroom Rules:
1. Do not spam. Spamming is considered typing the same thing over and over too many times.

2. Do not advertise in the Chat box! The Chat box is for real time conversations, not for advertising products or websites. Standard forum rules apply.

3. Keep the Chat box discussion appropriate for the forum; no discussing of sexual or inappropriate topics. Any member posting anything abusive, obscene, unkind, mean, or vulgar will be banned from the Chat box.

4. No religious or political discussions.

5. Feel free to use any color text in the Chat Box.

Selling/Buying/Trading Rules
1. To sell a Lego-related item on LSWForum, you must first submit a request in the “Request” forum.

2. If approved, a staff member will move your item to the Buy/Sell/Trade forum. If it is not approved, your sale will be deleted.

3. LSWForum is not responsible for individual buyers or sellers purchasing items on the forums. Each buyer/seller assumes any and all risk, including, but not limited to, nonpayment, non-reception of item(s), or shipping hazards.

4. Put "Buy/Sell/Trade" in the "Description" section of the topic you create. This helps the Administrators identify your topic. If your topic does not have this label, your topic will be deleted.

Feel free to contact LazerBlade if you have a revised version of this.


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Chat Box Rules; Buying/Selling Rules
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